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bill jeffers packageBill Jeffers, who lives in Evansville, Indiana, has a passion for tomatoes and has bred them for many years. Not satisfied with those boring red, round, tasteless grocery store varieties, Bill set out to develop real gems.


Bill employed his talents as an artist and his keen eye for natural beauty to create extraordinarily beautiful creations that combine top quality, heat tolerance, and high flavor in his unique tomato crosses.




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blane horton packageHere are the lines I am offering for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Certain variety names were used for friends and also selected by friends of the tomato community across the country. Some of the selections were also grown in various parts of the U.S. and Europe.
Generations are marked on packets and descriptions. Some might not be completely stable yet, but a few of them are. It is a great experience to save and select your own favorites.


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randy sineI'm Randy Sine. I live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I have over 25 years of gardening experience and over 10 years of breeding experience. Joining Mariseeds has rekindled my interest in tomato breeding. Until then most of my recent breeding efforts had been focused on peppers. I enjoy creating colorful and flavorful tomatoes and peppers.


brad gates packageWild Boar Logo More information coming soon.



chris package

Chris Homanics


These are my offerings for 2016. A mixture of some amazing kales, squash, and true potato seed (TPS). Most of these seeds you can get nowhere else and I am offering them for the first time to you. I have always been an organic gardener and farmer which is why I select from those plants that show resilience in the face of less-than-ideal growing conditions... poor soil, drought, or high disease pressures. Being passionate about cooking and good food, these are also some of vegetables I love to cook with in the kitchen. Having the most vital freshest fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs in the kitchen was why I began gardening in the first place! It is my hope that you enjoy these vegetables as much as I do.

A little more about my work. It has been a lifelong passion to collect, grow, propagate, select, and distribute seeds and plants from around the temperate world. I have been doing this seriously since 2007. I am currently practicing diversified farming in Coburg, OR where I work with all sorts of vegetable seed, grow vegetables and fruits for market, raising a variety of animals, bamboo, and more. One of my life goals is to help promote a more diverse and resilient food system by sourcing plant genetics from around the world that stand up to the rigors of organic gardening/farming and to hone with breeding techniques that material to suitable market characteristics.

I'd like to say I've learned a great deal from many different people. I have to pay homage to some plant breeders and philosopher-types that have had a profound impact on my life and understanding of plant genetics. In no particular order, Dr Alan Kapuler, Tim Peters, and Tom Wagner. Also acknowledging that all progress made towards new vegetable excellence is work that stands on the shoulders of countless human generations throughout the world.

Stay tuned for the next year as I am doing seed increases and selections on many interesting things including many TPS lines of unique and colorful potatoes, many interesting tomatoes including long-storing types, perennial frost hardy ground cherries, several interesting peppers including one with frost tolerance, several rare and exceptionally long-storing onions, rare beans, and more rare kales.



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dean slaterHello I am Dean Slater. I have been raising tomatoes since I was very young, but only got into heirlooms in the past 20 years. I learned how to do crosses from some of the best breeders in America. I also have genetics schooling but until the last few years only applied that knowledge to fish (Bettas). By crossing different varieties of heirloom tomatoes it is my goal to achieve flavor, looks and production.


doug strongWindmill Hill Farm is a small family owned business located in the hills below Mount Rainier.  We breed and grow a selection of regionally adapted garden seed as well as Andean root crops. My Main focus is on potatoes, legumes, corn, and melons.
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nathan pierceI am a hobby potato breeder in coastal Rhode Island, working with a highly diverse mix of potatoes from breeding programs throughout the world, breeding for sustainability and organic growing conditions, high nutritional content, good taste, and high disease resistance.