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randy sineI'm Randy Sine.  I have over 25 years of gardening experience and over 10 years of breeding experience.  Joining Mariseeds has rekindled my interest in tomato breeding.  Until then most of my recent breeding efforts had been focused on peppers.  I think there is a void in the development of sweet, mild, medium and hot peppers with great flavor due to most breeding efforts being devoted to create the next hottest pepper.  My pepper varieties were created with the goal of filling this void.
My first true love is tomatoes and breeding tomatoes.  My breeding efforts are focused on breeding tomatoes with a specific goals in mind, but as always with me the deciding factor is flavor.  The goals can be anything from earliness in dwarves, various colors and stripes to interesting genetic combinations.   
With the exception of Orange Crush, which is nearing stability, my tomato and pepper varieties are unstable hybrids so your results may vary, but you might find something you really like even if it isn't exactly true to the description.  My varieties have the (Filial) generation identified so you'll know the approximate level of stability.
Good luck and happy gardening.