Dr. Wyche's Red

Salad tomato, also a great variety for drying. From the late Dr. Wyche, former owner of Cole Brother's Circus. Heirloom Seed Packet.
Dr. Wyche's Red TomatoDr. Wyche's Red
Dr. Wyche's Red Tomato
Dr. Wyche's Red Tomato
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 I was thrilled with this new find.  What a winner!  

For those of you who never eat a Summer salad without tomato, it's an excellent variety.  

The 4-6 oz. round fruits are very sweet and have nice intense tomato flavor.  Because of it's size this is also a great variety for drying.  

Production is heavy and non stop.

This variety, like Dr. Wyche's Yellow, comes from the late Dr. Wyche, who was once the owner of Cole Brother's Circus.  He used to fertilize his gardens with elephant manure.

Heirloom Seed Packet.

Indet.  80 days


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