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Evil Jalapeño F3

The world’s hottest jalapeño? You be the judge.
Evil JalapeñoEvil Jalapeño
Rating: 5/5

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Large red jalapeño shaped pepper with Habanero heat level, yet has sweet outstanding flavor.   The world’s hottest jalapeño?  You be the judge.


Tuesday, 02 August 2016
I grew the F3 version of this pepper in southwestern Idaho in 2016. I must say, I'm very impressed with this pepper. It has amazing flavor (even raw), and to me it tastes hotter than a habanero. The heat lasts a super l. It set fruit before the other peppers. The other one of this kind was smaller, but ended about the same size. I should note that I tried a pepper on each plant too early, and the less ripe ones didn't have any detectable heat for me. They need to be more mature to be super hot and super flavorful, it seems.