Blane Horton

Here are the lines I am offering for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Certain variety names were used for friends and also selected by friends of the tomato community across the country. Some of the selections were also grown in various parts of the U.S. and Europe. Generations are marked on packets and descriptions.  Some might not be completely stable yet, but a few of them are. It is a great experience to save and select your own favorites.
The idea behind the combination of colors and effects I selected, has a bonus here because the flavors were not lost. That was my main goal from the very beginning.  When creating certain characteristics, I wanted to choose the most colorful designs, shapes, and plant types; including dwarfs. Great flavor was very important, in addition to overall plant health and performance. The multi flora lines in the Reverend Michael Keyes series are just one example of high production with excellent flavors in several colors!

 The newly released Pit Viper Dwarf is another prime example of having multi colored fruits on compact patio type plants that also possess great flavor balance. This line has became one of my favorites, and hopefully it will bring much satisfaction to you and your garden, as well. More future lines with new leaf colors will be added one day, too! Work for the tomato breeding projects runs year round down here in Mississippi, with the aid of a small greenhouse to test out new lines each and every month. Enjoy some of these new varieties and have a great 2015 gardening season!
Hope to hear how they did for you one day.
Thank you,
Moosalini F6STREAK LEGALDelta Diver Red F5